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The Ultimate Guide to Using Exfoliating Mitts: Achieve Radiant Skin in No Time

Updated: May 9

how to use exfoliating gloves


Exfoliation - the secret to radiant and soft skin. A game-changer in the skincare routine. And guess what's taking the beauty world by storm? Exfoliating mitts! They promise smooth, soft, and glowing skin.

What Is an Exfoliating Mitt?

An exfoliating mitt is a glove-like beauty tool made of mesh or textured fabric designed exclusively for body exfoliation. It's a champion of mechanical exfoliation, working its magic by physically sweeping away dead skin cells. From the well-known Korean exfoliating mitts to varying degrees of coarseness, there's a scrub mitt for everyone.

benefits of exfoliating gloves

Benefits? Plenty!

  • Improves skin texture

  • Keeps those pesky ingrown hairs at bay

  • Enhances the effectiveness of skincare products

  • Stimulates blood circulation

Who Should Use an Exfoliating Mitt?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you have sensitive skin or a tougher hide, there's a mitt for you. But remember, the frequency of use should be tailored to your skin type.

glamour touch glove mitt

For those with sensitive skin, choosing scrub mitts labeled safe for your type is a good start. Check out the Silky Touch Exfoliating Body & Face Glove, which is a favorite among many.

Have you ever wondered if exfoliating gloves are safe for your face? In our new article, we put them to the test! See the amazing results for myself (yes, that's really me!) in a before-and-after photo comparison. Can You Use Exfoliating Gloves on Your Face?

How to Use an Exfoliating Mitt:

Wondering how to exfoliate? Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

Warm-up: Start with a warm shower or bath. Preparing your skin is essential; longer, the better!

Prep the Mitt: Wet the glove, squeeze out excess water, and step away from the water. Keep your skin damp.

Scrub : Using long firm strokes, scrub until you see dead skin peeling off. No soap, no shower gel – just pure friction!

Rinse & Moisturize: You can use your favorite body wash. Rinse off and pamper your skin with a luxe moisturizer or The Banyo Signature Body Oil.

Clean & Dry: Hand wash your mitt with a gentle soap or shower gel, and let it air dry.

Repeat: Once a week works wonders.

Note: Replace your glove every 2-3 months for best hygiene.

how to use exfoliating mitts

Want to get the most out of your exfoliating mitts? Check out our detailed guide on using them for super soft skin! How to Use Exfoliating gloves

Additional Information:

Sensitive Areas? Be gentle!

Cuts or Acne? No scrubbing there.

Redness? It's normal! Thanks to improved blood circulation.

No Visible Peeling? That's okay! Dry skin types may see more peeling, but exfoliation is happening regardless.

How to Clean an Exfoliating Mitt:

Maintaining your mitt is key. Some mitts can be thrown into the washing machine, but The exfoliating gloves need a gentle hand wash.

Steps to Clean Bliss:

Rinse the mitt thoroughly.

Apply a gentle soap or shower gel, massaging it to remove impurities.

Rinse again.

Let it air dry.

Remember: Replace your mitt every 2-3 months. Bacteria are sneaky!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you use an exfoliating glove wet or dry?

Wet it! For effective exfoliation, damp skin and a wet scrub mitt work best.

How often should you use an exfoliating glove?

Once a week is the golden rule for most skin types. But always listen to your skin!

Do you exfoliate gloves before or after soap?

Before soap. The glove relies on friction, so no soap or gel should be applied while\ before exfoliating.

What gloves remove dead skin?

Exfoliating gloves, like the Glamour Touch Exfoliating Body Glove, are designed specifically to sweep away dead skin cells.


Exfoliating mitts are not just a trend; they're a skincare revolution. Whether you're seeking a skin exfoliator for your face or a body mitt for an all-over glow, there's a perfect product waiting. Remember, while the journey to soft and radiant skin is exhilarating, always prioritize your skin's health. Now, go on and let your skin shine!

Ready to upgrade your skincare routine? Dive into the world of exfoliating gloves today!

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