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meet the founders

We are Ipek and Melike, two friends who are passionate about beauty and wellness. 


We were frustrated with the toxic products and packaging crisis in the beauty industry.

Aisles were full of green-washing products which harm the environment and our health.


We dreamed of a body care ritual that not only cares about the skin, but also the soul and the planet.


Inspired by our grandmothers’ natural body care rituals, The Banyo Co was born!

Nourishing Your Skin
and the Planet Sustainably

The Banyo Ritual is a body care routine that not only nourishes your skin but also soothes your soul, all while being kind to the planet. 


At Banyo we offer a transformative bath and body care routine rooted in Mediterranean beauty traditions and natural ingredients.


Traditional Turkish Exfoliating Gloves have been used for hundreds of years as skin cleansing and exfoliating tool. Its is also known for its superior quality and effectiveness. 


This ritual provides sustainable and effective non-toxic exfoliation and cleansing. 

It is a simple and natural ritual that does not require additional scrubs, chemicals and synthetic ingredients. 

the banyo exfoliating gloves close up

Heritage Harvest :
Celebrating Old Traditions with Finest Ingredients

the banyo co pop up

We carefully select top-quality materials and utilize traditional weaving methods to create our world-renowned Turkish Bath Exfoliating Glove.


It is crafted with 100% tree bark yarn that's woven on a traditional semi-automated handloom by local artisans in Istanbul. 

The semi-automated handloom prevents stiff weaving.  

As a result, Banyo’s gloves absorb more between fibers, become malleable, protect your skin from any scratching or irritation.


Using only water, our gloves clear skin’s impurities caused by environmental factors like air, clothes and chemicals. 

Ancient wisdom meets modern sustainability to care for your body, soul and planet. 

We enhanced this ritual with our 100% natural aromatherapy body oils for a transformative experience that cares for your skin, soul and planet.


We partnered with the best suppliers around the world for to sourced sustainable and ethical essential oils.

Join our journey and transform your bath and body care routine for healthier planet and life. 

the banyo body scrub gloves and body oil

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