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How to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris?

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

keratosis pilaris legs

Keratosis pilaris or Chicken Skins are small bumps or hard bumps that appear on the arms, cheeks, and other parts of the body. Keratosis Pilaris, a type of skin disease, is also called Chicken Skin because human skin resembles chicken skin. This situation, which makes many people feel bad, also leads to a loss of self-confidence. Therefore, it is necessary to try methods of getting rid of the Chicken Skin problem. So, what is the ideal way to get rid of this problem?

Causes of Keratosis Pilaris

The cause of Keratosis Pilaris is genetic factors. However, even this generalization has not been proven in the medical sense. This problem, which is usually seen in white-skinned individuals, occurs in the first 10 years of life. Although it disappears by itself at the age of 30, you have to endure this problem for a long time. This problem, which causes inflammation on the skin, also causes redness and blistering around the hair follicles. Although it occurs frequently on the arms and legs, it also occurs on different parts of the body. It is necessary to resort to the most ideal solution for this problem, which causes itching and leads to irritation. Well, what is this?

keratosis pilaris exfoliating gloves before after

Is it Caused by KP Genetics?

The most general statement about KP is that it is a genetic problem. However, even in people who have not encountered KP in their family, this problem is likely to occur. In this case, it is not possible to find an obvious reason for the causes of KP. Although it is more common to occur in those who have eczema, asthma, or high fever problems, these causes are also not certain. For this reason, it is more important to focus on the solutions rather than the causes of KP.

How to Manage Keratosis Pilaris?

Don't know how to deal with KP? You can achieve great results with several methods. Although KP does not heal completely, you can have healthier skin with the methods you prefer. You can cope with blisters, itching, and many other problems thanks to the methods we will recommend.

Using Exfoliating Gloves

It is possible to get rid of dead skin thanks to exfoliating your skin. Thanks to the exfoliation that you will prefer in regular periods, your skin will reach a more ideal appearance. With this option, which is also recommended by dermatologists, you will be able to get rid of blisters on your skin.

Do exfoliating gloves work?

Yes, exactly! The most effective method against KP is exfoliating gloves. With this method, which allows you to get rid of dead skin on the skin, you will have smooth skin. Gloves that you will prefer at regular intervals without the need to use an extra product will make you feel very good. Moreover, it will also relieve itching and sensitivity caused by blisters on your skin. If you want to get rid of keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin, you can try The Banyo Exfoliating gloves.100% made by treebark yarn and Silk. Does not contain petroleum-based, chemical threads like nylon or polyester.

  • Does not cause any irritations or allergies

  • Tree-bark yarn naturally kills bacteria and helps your body decrease breakouts.

  • Gently removes just dead skin cells without damaging your skin.

  • Different products for different needs. Sensitive or non-sensitive.

Moisturize Your Skin

One of the methods you prefer to deal with KP is to moisturize your skin. During periods when the air temperature drops and the air is dry, your skin is also likely to encounter negativities. You should know that dry skin leads to KP problems, and you should use a moisturizer. You can achieve successful results in moisturizing by using 100% Natural body oil. The Banyo Body oil has various natural, pure carrier oils and essential oils to boost your beauty and health. While nourishing and revitalizing your skin, it helps to boost your circulation and rest your body.Our certified aromatherapists developed the best formula for your unique body.

Even you will not believe the change in your body thanks to natural body oil as a product that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. A wonderful result awaits you thanks to natural oil, which, thanks to its vitamin and mineral content, will have a miraculous effect.

Tips on the fight against KP

You will be able to take more successful measures against blisters and itching thanks to some of the methods that you will prefer when fighting KP. These are the methods!

Laser Hair Removal

The most ideal way to get rid of hair and hair on your body should be laser hair removal. Because other methods that will irritate your skin trigger blisters. This eliminates the success you get as a result of exfoliation. Although it is not a complete solution to KP, it prevents the problem from confirming more serious consequences.

Take Showers Regularly

Dry skin is one of the most important factors related to KP. For this reason, a daily shower would not be a bad idea to prevent the skin from drying out. However, this is not a foregone conclusion, just like laser hair removal. This method, which you will prefer with exfoliating gloves, allows you to get positive results.

Adjust Your Diet

The best way to eliminate problems in your body is a healthy diet. In this way, you can both meet your vitamin and mineral needs and fight with KP. It is essential to emphasize that as long as you stay away from fried foods and fast-food products, a more successful experience will emerge for you. Then you can deal with Chicken Skin by evaluating your eating habits.


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