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Spa-Worthy Exfoliation Made Simple with Banyo Exfoliating Gloves

Remove dead skin using only water.
Natural and gentle |  Zero-waste | No chemicals, nylon, synthetic or dyes.


Agreed after The Banyo Ritual, their skin feels refreshed, hydrated and rejuvenated*

98 %

Agreed after The Banyo Ritual, their skin became more receptive on absorbing skincare products*


*In an independent consumer use study with 38 participants ranging in age from 21 to 55, after 4 weeks of use.

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Exfoliate, Nourish, Glow

We are on a mission to transform your daily shower routine into a home spa experience with The's 3-step ritual.

exfoliating gloves on hand
Nourishing exfoliated skin
Glow mist tulum

Inspired by the timeless beauty practices of the Mediterranean and our grandmothers' secret recipes

we only use natural ingredients to bring out the best in your skin.

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Hair Care

The Banyo Ritual - a body care routine that not only nourishes your skin but also soothes your soul, all while being kind to the planet.

Visible Results After One Use !

exfolating gloves before- after
exfolating gloves before- after reviews
exfolating gloves reviews

no more  ingrown hairs • dull skin • keratosis pilaris • dry skin • razor bumps 

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